The most common repair any professional cell phone repair technician will do is definitely a full LCD screen replacement. However in close second is definitely a basic battery replacement. Unfortunately, as apps become more popular and eat up more and more resources it’s only a matter of time before Apple users in Montreal will find their phone isn’t lasting the entire day. This most commonly happens with phones that are older, such as the iPhone 4S, but a battery replacement in Montreal is definitely popular and certainly doable.

Replacing Your iPhone Battery

In terms of your options, the repair is already inexpensive enough and low quality parts certainly do exist so do yourself a favor and go with an established repair shop that can warranty their work so you get total peace of mind. Montreal repair shops know this is a high demand repair and make sure they have a healthy stock of replacement parts and enough qualified staff on hand to get it done pretty fast – often within 30 minutes.

Alternatively you can order your own parts online and if your feeling confident, actually remove your old battery and replace it. This saves you a bit of money for sure, but the fate of your iPhone is in your own hands at this point, and an Apple Care or official warranty from your carrier is not going to protect you. You’ve been warned!

Below are the instructions for replacing your iPhone 5 battery (one of the most popular models for this type of problem).

  1. The initial steps are turning off your phone obviously and making sure that it isn’t plugged into anything. This seems obvious, but we need to make it clear every time – you never know!
  2. There are two pentalobe screws at the base of your device – carefully remove them and place them aside (don’t lose them!)
  3. Use the plunger and/or suction cup to remove the front glass display and back cover (detailed instructions here). This sounds complicated, but iFixit has a great visual tutorial, just follow their steps.
  4. Dislodge the existing battery unit (carefully!) and set it aside.
  5. Install a quality, OEM replacement lithium-ion battery and make sure those tiny screws are placed back in exactly the same spot they were before you started the repair.

That’s it! The process is super simple, but like we said, if this isn’t your cup of tea and you want a professional iPhone repair solution, check out a local Montreal cell phone repair shop we recommend that’s just over on University Avenue. From our experience and what our friends have told us, they are great and can get devices fixed incredibly fast!

iPhone Repair Montreal

2001 University Street
Montreal, QC H3A 2A6

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