If you’re particularly clumsy you may be looking to fix a broken or cracked iPhone screen more often than you’d like to admit. You’ve tried negotiating with Apple or your cellular carrier, but we all know they just want you to upgrade to a newer, more expensive handset and plan, and are not too helpful at all when it comes to getting aesthetic issues like a broken LCD screen fixed. The Apple Care warranty only entitles you to two replacement devices, and even those are really refurbished and take 48+ hours to arrive. So what are your other options in Tampa when it comes to getting your phone fixed? There are two major options for you to consider – DIY or third party. Keep reading below as we break down the details of each and help you make an educated choice if you are sick of paying too much for cell phone repair.


DIY iPhone Screen Repairs

If you fancy yourself technical enough, there are tons of tutorials and other resources online that can actually guide you through the process of removing the broken front LCD display and installing a brand new screen. The good part of this is that it is by far your least expensive option. However the downside is that if you end up breaking anything else, you are digging yourself a hole and your phone may be beyond repair. While many issues such as home or power buttons becoming unresponsive can certainly be fixed, if there is any damage done to the actual logic board of your phone, this is usually not cost effective to repair. An iPhone 5 logic board costs just as much as a new phone, so many people will opt to sell their existing phone for scrap parts and subsidize the cost of a brand new model iPhone. Fixing the screen yourself can certainly be done, it’s just less common given the risks associated with damaging other components.

Local Tampa, FL Phone Repair

Our recommended course of action is to find a local repair shop and have them repair your screen. You are definitely not the only one to get up out of your truck and drop your phone, so the local markets have really opened up and made getting these nuisance issues fixed, and fixed much faster than the traditional Apple Care warranty route. Cell phone¬†repair shops are usually great for these types of repairs and can easily stock high quality LCD replacements screens for every model from the iPhone 4 (if you’re still holding onto one of these, congrats) to the brand new iPhone 6S.


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