There are only four scenarios that will happen whenever one gets involved in a car crash. There may be damage to the vehicle, damage to another property, infliction of personal injury and worst of all, death. All these scenarios can get quite dirty and might need legal aid in most cases. Whether it truly is true of car insurance companies refusing to cover repair costs, or filing a grievance against the other party for inflicted death, damage or injury, the significant idea is to get competent car accident attorneys who will fight for justice and the appropriate resolution funds. Hiring Juan Carlos Gonzalez as your abogado de caidas may be precisely what you want.

Juan Carlos and his is car accident lawyer associates are on the list of finest in California. Given the many accolades and international recognition he’s received, Juan Carlons is incomparable in his area. He is a fellow of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers with limited membership to just 500 lawyers worldwide. All of the auto accident attorneys in their own law firm received honours from many third party organizations. The team has an extensive profession of triumphs over the years.

What Cases Do they Specialize In?

Juan Carlos can manage any cases pertaining to car accidents. Were you a victim of a car crash brought on by the other party’s neglect like dangerous speed, drunk driving or disregard for the road and traffic signs? Did you lose a loved one from an auto crash? Were you robbed off your right for auto insurance by insurance companies? Did you incur damage to your property when the other party crashed in your gate, fence etc..? Do you or your loved ones have problems with physical injuries, spinal injuries and trauma brought on by automobile accidents?


Apart from accidents involving private cars, cases against public transportation might be handled too including bus crashes, cab injuries etc. Irrespective of the essence of the road accident, Juan Carlos will work on the case for the customer’s justice. Nevertheless, aside from their specialty on car accidents, we can also take on other cases including birth injuries, medical malpractice, product liabilities and construction mishaps, among others.

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